Thursday, October 13, 2005

still ill

Still trying to shift this illness, i feel totally sick and headachey all the time, my body feels tired and i feel all over fuzzy. Rest of the family seem to be fine tho.
Last day of school for Vivienne tomorrow. I got through my info from education otherwise yesterday..had a good read through that. There are a few other homeschoolers in the area, one even down the road, so i shall have to get in touch with them, and a meeting the first monday of the month which i must get to.
Didn't crochet Ley any clothes the other day, i need a smaller hook than i have for what i want to do, so must get one. Instead i made a little chick, my first soft toy in crochet, so alittle uneven!!! Am doing a poncho for vivienne now.


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