Friday, October 05, 2007

getting creative

Things are still very much in a state of relaxation here :)

Breast feeding lasted just over two weeks!!! All was going well, and Teyla was well over her birth weight. BUT I started to suspect I had thrush, cracks that where almost gone got worse and so on. Then on Firday i woke feeling like the whole side of one of my breasts was bruised! Spent the next 3 days shivering, sweating and sleeping in bed with mastitis. Now if Teyla was my first I would have grinned and bared it, but she is my forth, meaning I have 3 other little people running around needing mummy. So took the decision to end the breast feeding now. She got over 2 weeks of gold top mummy milk, but now it's time to get my family and house back to normal. Sorry Teyla! She is doing well, and still sleeping like a baby.

I don't know if I got to show you this, Strawberrypuffs bunny. Spud has a teddy i crocheted a while ago. It looks alot more loved now!!! These little creatures do look even better once loved tho.

Well this week it was time Outtake got one. And a mulberry monkey was chosen. Sadly you can't see how beautiful his colour is in the picture, it's a dark wine colour :)

Have been spending lots of time drinking large amounts of tea and crocheting like mad ( OMG christmas is JUST around the corner, i will never be ready ) Busy finishing this little lady. But every time i look round one of the little people have ran off with her. At least let me give her some legs kiddies!!


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