Tuesday, October 25, 2005

on we trot

Well the first week of home school was a total disaster. All because my illness got worse and worse untill monday i was completely sure i had tonsilitus and it was peaking, so i took a little trip to the doctors, and got myself some penacilin to react to. Yup thats right react, i have spent a whole week in bed, with a migrane that had me in tears, shareing my inner thoughts with a bucket. When the docter was phoned his words were, 'i won't come out, stop taking the penacilin but it's up to you, come in when you can'!!!!
But anyway, on the mend now, so we are getting into doing a few basics. Vivienne has discovered she likes story writing this week (using her childrens dictionary) she has been doing picture to go with them and sticking them in her main work scrap book. We are gonna go a few 'me' project flap books next, covering body parts, senses, family and the digestion.

Hopefully things are getting better. Gonna have a farm trip next week once other children are back at school and half term has finished.


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