Sunday, February 12, 2006


Vivienne has been asking and asking for ages to play sims, and she requested first thing this morning to try it, so we put the very first sims (with out add on packs, tho proudly i own them all tee hee hee) on her computer. As (though we are not religious) we have decided sunday is a day of rest (along with monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday) we let her spend as much time playing it as she wanted.....though we didn't realise that would be the WHOLE day! She has been a total addict!! She has had a renewed interest in reading today to play it properly. Once playing for a while she moved on to give the sim a swimming pool to be proud of!! (note on bottom right the neglect of sim!)

And Viviennes quote for the day, before bed, "people must be playing us"!!!

And lastly, i have a few game cube demo and cheat disks that were free from magazines. I know there are a few people out there that are like us dedicated game cube followers lol. If any body wants them, i can pop them in the post..just be first to contact me!!!


At 11:50 pm, Blogger Nicki said...

I *love* the Sims. Although I haven't bought Sims 2..i daren't, i'd get nothing done. I used to play it all day pre-children!!! Emily has just started getting into it but she is more interested in spending money than looking after them, lol.

At 9:16 am, Anonymous Sarah said...

Aaah! that poor sim - I'm desperately cruel, I deliberately let mine get really bad once just to see what would happen - one of them...ahem...peed on the floor which Rosie thought was hilarious lol!
As for the Cube discs - looks familiar - hubby's an addict and thus we have hundreds. I'm going to bin!

At 6:56 am, Blogger bradford said...

because of Sims my 13yr old daughter started surfing real estate sites so we could go to open houses on Sunday afternoons, together we learn so much about Fung Shui, family layouts, materials, sales approaches. in Calif. Remoldeling 101 should be a class in public schools (so people wouldn't move away so much) & growing up could be more of a learning game.

At 11:01 am, Blogger naturallynice said...

so, Am I the only one that finds computer games dead boring...??? !!!

Ah, well, Happy Valentines!


At 1:44 am, Blogger dawniy said...

i love the pic of your little one, she looks sooo cute :)

Dawniy xx

At 5:27 pm, Blogger naturallynice said...

I have msn now. I just downloaded it. What do you need to know? the email address?

Will that work?


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