Friday, February 03, 2006

We have been doing lots of spring time type stuff here. Planting quite a few things. We have planted snap dragons in Vivs pot in her room, marigolds in the pot in the kitchen, and our potato grass head ( pics further down page ) is growing nicely.

We have been making lots and lots of lanterns to celebrate the chinese lantern festival, and brought it together yesterday by puttin them all up, and lighting candles for candlemas / imbolic on our so far very bare season table.

Thank you very much for all you kind words after my rant the other day. I understand the situation,, i just don't seem to have people around who research anything..they all believe in pushing the children, and filling them full of info, when they should be playing. So to all those against our decision or our relaxed way of learning..........

And one last thing..both my homebirth stories are now on so go have a read if your bored!!


At 5:43 pm, Blogger naturallynice said...

Oh, I will read the homebirth stories, I am planning my first!



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