Thursday, March 06, 2014

True test

I ran out of B12 at the weekend. (not the folic acid the doctor gave me, he made sure i had enough for a year!!) This is proving to be the true test of 'if'. Since running out, the chest pains have not returned (yay). But a couple of other problems slowly are. Everyday this week, i have again not been able to get out of bed. First couple of days it did not even dawn on me why. Even Outtake asked about it. I had been getting myself out of bed the past few weeks, even during a school holiday when i had no real need to. I've felt a lot more weakness in my muscles from doing things (friday i made a huge birthday cake by hand, yesterday i couldn't even manage batter for pan cakes!) A little headache has bumped through a couple of times. Also today the numbness and pins and needles have most definitely returned. It's got to the point i am looking out the window waiting for mr (or ms) postman to bring my B12!!.
But i continue on with the house. I am on day four of the girls room. It is like a black hole. The amount of rubbish i have found in there is unbelievable. I am truly ashamed i let it get this bad. I have a lot of plans for making it more functional, for making the whole house more functional. So that even when i have bad days it's obvious to the family how to keep the home running well. I will share photos along the way (some with before photos, but really admitting my space got so out of hand is hard, i am horrified)


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