Monday, October 31, 2005

Trick or Treat

They all had fun, they got bags full of sweets. Ryan didn't get the hang of saying 'trick or treat' but knocking, thank you and goodbye, and of course sweet taking he could do. There were so many children out this year.

Hope everybody else has had fun.


At 8:49 pm, Blogger dottyspots said...

Hello new person on the ring :0) Will definetely go and have a look at your toys site as I will be in the market for another Waldorf doll at some point (will see if you make them to order). I sell wooden toys (Ostheimer etc.) linked to from my blog (no. 29 on the webring, so only a few back from you).

At 8:52 pm, Blogger dottyspots said...

And just recognise who you are now (off Waldorf Crafts) - that'll teach me to pay attention!

At 10:25 am, Blogger mummynat said...

I am terrible at paying attention!!
Just had a look at your blog, so thats you lol, this internet world is so small!!
I desided to finally go for it, and take her out of school.

I'll be nosing at your blog too now!!

At 1:06 am, Blogger dawniy said...

what a lovely photograph :)


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