Thursday, February 16, 2006

Firstly i must post a photo of one of the blooms on the miniture rose bush hubby got me for valentines. It's beautiful. And to top up his wonderfulness he dug over the garden for me (tho if you read the garden blog, and his blog, linked on right, you will know i locked him out!!!)

The past week we have been doing valentines bits and bobs, and some work on koalas, and other austrailian animals (to go with merry's books) We have also been doing lots of art work to go with the other reading materials. They are going down well.

Our seddlings are growing well (click to see larger!) The first is snap dragons, and the second marigolds.

Before bed tonight we finished off with making some good old healthy shortbread.


At 11:41 pm, Blogger Nicki said...

Mmmm shortbread looks yummy!

At 9:45 am, Anonymous Sarah said...

oooo yum, i love shortbread! shame i can't eat stuff like that at the mo what with my self-inflicted diet misery... lol

At 9:47 am, Blogger Elder Faery said...

Your seedling references are it that time already? I hope I'm not late again. Have decided only to grow courgettes and herbs this year and concentrate on flowers...but feel like the white rabbit, cos it only dawned on me that I better get my a**! in gear and get planting when I read your blog. Keep us posted about the seedlings. Ta.

At 9:21 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooooh, must plant some successful seeds this year. Shortbread looks yummy.


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