Sunday, November 12, 2006

Who's that in the mirror?

*slowly begins to wake, looking about for familar faces*

Ok, i think i have rested enough now!
This year has been Crap with a capital C. Everything sent to test and try us. The sadest moment being the death of a family member. Ryans brother in law, well more like a brother. Suddenly from a heart attack ages 31. Yes 31. That alone is a sad story to hear. But Steve was an amazing person, a joy to know. And we are so vey pleased and proud and privedged to have had him in the family, and to have known him. He will always be loved.

To be honest i have almost spent this whole year with my brain turned off to the world lol.
Spent most my free time playing role play games - AWRPG - WoW - Renaissance kingdoms the list goes on. Such a wonderful escapism.

But it's time to wake my brain back up, time to be a teacher and a housewife, and get my household back into jear. Specially with only, what, 7 weeks (?) to that dreaded christmas!!

I hope you have all been well


At 8:46 am, Anonymous Sarah said...

Nice to see you back Nat ((hugs))

At 8:03 pm, Blogger Elder Faery said...

Your blog was an inspiration to me earlier this year when we began home ed. so it's great to know that you will be posting again. Sorry to hear about the Crap Year..well, it is nearly over and 'tommorrow is another day' and all that:)


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