Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Waaaadddes

Happiness is.......

.... Your first Brownies activity badge. Friend to animals.
They are working on their Seasons badge together now, and me and Outtake are working on a few ourselves, so watch this space, er sash for more happiness.

Dare I admit I am not a fan of Simpsons *gasp* I think it could be cause i was a teenager the first time they came out, with the album and the eat my shorts stuff, and we saw them as naff!! Biker grove was much better!! BUT I am loving this Simpsonize me.....
....Look, we have the whole family!

Spud and Strawberrypuffs drawing is coming on well. I love they way they both have totally different styles. Spud has even started giving his faces goaty beards!
This is Spuds....

And this is Strawberrypuffs...

For some reason all her faces have to have feet, i think it's to do with Mr. Men. Will have to get them working on bodies next.


At 2:35 pm, Blogger Annette said...

blimey! glad i thought to look otherwise i would have got well behind on your news. You suddenly had a lot to say.
How is it back at brownies?


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