Tuesday, March 11, 2014

First hurdle reached.

I have managed to sort out the room and remove everything for bin and recycle. Everything we are keeping is all back in the room, in some sort of order. But not a good one. As you can see the storage we have is not the best. I mean it would be fine for one child, but we really need to be making more use of the walls. I can not wait to bring this all together.

We need a better way to house the large pieces of playmobil. My kids love playmobil and play with it a lot.

The top bunk belongs to the teenager. It is so full of stuff i don't want to go near it. But my plans for room organization includes her, and she will have her own spaces for all her junk (and oh boy does she have some junk)
Are you ready for some photos of during, and if i am completely honest with myself the before photos would not be much better than this.

And for good measure, here is some cake!


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