Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Little Twinkly Stars...

There are so many little stars falling into the arms of mummies this year. So a star for a star is on it's way..... Congratualtions to Annette and family

One of my little stars turned 4 last week, so we had a house full of balloons. He's favourite present was a Power Ranger outfit, he loves so to dress up. I made him a superboy cape for the days he does not dress up aswell.

So much crafting has been and is going on here. Me and Outtake went searching our second hand stores for a duvet or curtains, she wanted a new bookbag. She found a big flower double duvet that she fell in love with. Fell in love with so much that i had to make her a duvet cover for her bed and a book bag out of it.

Now my Mum and sister want one. I am making them hunt out there own duvets for fabric tho! While out thrifting we also found this cup and sauser for my kitchen. The 'tea for one' set is new too. But not second hand, my hubby found this in a shop the other day and bought it home for lucky me :)

StrawberryPuff felt alittle left out, so some spare fabric gave her a little twirly skirt and peasant top to dance about in.

Even Hubby joined in with the crafting, and made the kids each a bean bag frog. I think he watches me enjoying my crafts, and every now and then thinks hmmm, perhaps i could enjoy that. So far he has tried cross stitch, crochet and toy making. (needless to say he has not kept up with any!)

Our Singapore Maths and science arrived for the year. So far we are very impressed. Outtake works well with textbook style learning + fun, games and projects. We finished the first of our pocket history projects.

And we have done some sentence work. We need to work on handwriting alot this year. If she feel like it, she can do some really neat work, but tends not to try hard enough.

My little piggy of a baby, who has gained the name 'beady' due to her little beady eyes watching everyone so intently, woke this morning with two little budding teeth. Try as i might to drag hard on the arms of my clock, this baby is growing up.

Guess I'll have to work on a baby that won't grow up......


At 2:55 pm, Blogger Nicki said...

Goodness you have been busy - love the book bag and the baby gift! I have been really lazy since Christmas.
BTW i love the festivals calendar in your sidebar. I've not noticed it before as i normally read from Google Reader.

At 8:17 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, some serious crafting has been going on here! how lovely that daddy joins in too. Wonderful.


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