Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Mooncup Post

If there was one thing i could share with every women, it would be the mooncup.
I would buy each and every women one. Free them all...
I think governments should hand one out to each women. I would not live without mine...

Few of you have noticed my link on the side for mooncups. I erge you all to get one, to try one. If you give it a chance, you would not go back to old ways again. Forget the £19.99 they cost, these little things are worth their weight in gold.


At 2:58 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would be paranoid about getting infections from having pooled blood sitting in a cup for who knows how long. Not to mention if those are used long enough to wear out and any of it breaking off in the canal. I think re-usable pads would be the way to go.

At 4:06 am, Blogger Lisa said...

I use a diva cup and I LOVE it. It looks similar to this.

ps anonymous: they use surgical grade silicone for these, and you don't have pooled blood sitting there because you clean it often.

At 9:24 am, Blogger mummynat said...

I believe the Diva is the American version Lisa :)

And anon, i can not say it better that Lisa. The 'cups' are made from surgical grade silicone, so for a normal hygienic person , they are far safer infection wise than any other thing. They can even be sterilized in all the same ways as the teats of a babies bottle.
You do use them long enough to wear out, you use them the whole period, it stops mess, dryness and 'smell'. you empty and clean it regularly, just like you would change a tampon.
The breaking off in canal comment, i truthfully have no idea what you are talking about!!

At 10:50 am, Blogger 'EF' x said...

I sew and use my own cloth pads, and these work very well for me. I noticed that when I use these homemade cloth pads that I bleed less so goodness knows what they put into the disposable ones!

One problem with using any kind of pad, I think, is that towards the end of the bleed the blood has had a kind of abrasive action on the tissue (I spose the dampness locally can create soreness).

So one attractive aspect of using a cup would be that it would have a tampon effect and one could avoid having to cordon off the bathroom and hose down so boringly often.

HOWEVER! It totally grosses me out to think of having a 'foreign object' wedged in the 'canal' (?!?!)(I am obviously too old for that kind of malarky LOL) so I would probably stick to the cloth pads until menopause.

The cup way to deal with the flow reminds me of how the contraceptive cap can be used (just as effectively from what I remember) during a period, and I can remember the ladies at the clinic suggesting this as one of the benefits of the cap!

And breaking off in the 'canal'? lmfao..the mind boggles!

At 2:50 pm, Blogger Annette said...

Sound interesting to me as i am allergic to pads when my period is coming to an end, so this sounds like a good solution. My only concern is that i could never seem to get on with tampons in my teenage days and as this is a similar kind of process not sure if i would be able to find it comfortable. The last year without periods has been bliss- roll on menepause!!!!!!!!!!!- kiddin!
p.s Maybe annonymouse works for a well known tampon company?!
p.p.s Give my love to all your brood, hope to see you guys in the summer.

At 9:34 am, Blogger mummynat said...

'ef' x It is much like the cap. Well done on doing your bit with the cloth ones :)

Annette, send my love to your lot too. Me and Viv miss you all terribly.
And, though it goes in the same sorta area as a tampon, i promise you it's nothing like one!! You don't get the dryness you get with tampons (as it does not absorb it just collects) in my opinion it is worn lower, and it moves with your body (being silicone)
I am so with you on the pregnancy period bliss, i was pregnant for years too lol But the cup really is the next best thing.
(i wish i could send you all one lol, but i don't have the money!!!)

At 4:30 pm, Blogger Elizabeth said...

I was impressed to learn that the cup isn't associated with toxic shock syndrome. I hate that about "plugs."


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