Thursday, October 15, 2009

I am glad i am not one of these young new hip stupid mums. (apologies to young new hip stupid mums, i mean it in the nicest possible way!)

One of those stupid mums with a dummy around their finger, a bottle of cold creaming milk in one hand, a bag full of calpol and teething gel, a new fandangle has it's own engine and computer chip buggy, and the under 3 month old baby.... who chooses to take them to the zoo for the day with all her like (empty) minded friends!
What the fcuk do they think they baby is gonna see?????
Surely their morning conversation with the partner will go like this. Stupid mum- " i am taking little baby molly maisy moo to the zoo today " partner- "why?"

We on the other hand, with our children ( while most other children are at school and not in our way!!!) We saw lots.
We have not been too lucky with Ryans time off work. (yes he is still off work.) Days of rain, and Teyla and Leyonce are on their second cough and cold!!! Our children are barely ever ill. But come 3 weeks off work, and they're all full of it.

Means crafty time for me though :)

So i made a poppet. I have been a member of craftster for ageeees. I love the site, and it grows and grows with each day. Well there is a fantastic pattern available from a lady there. I got it about two years ago, and have had it in my to do list since. I had all the stuff, so took a day out to make one. It's commonly called a poppet on the craftster community. This one is a nekomimi (cat girl)
Her arms and legs are joined, and she has a fully stylable wool wig.

I made her a basic dress, but have more outfits planned. I also have more poppets planned, lots more.


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