Saturday, August 15, 2009

Stand still

Things have come to a bit of a lazy stand still round here recently, that i am trying to drag us out of. Since we went camping in Devon. We had lots of fun, the kids loved the tent (and lucky for us before we produced a zoo of children Ryan and I bought the largest tent ever!)
The weather was AMAZING it was like being abroad.

Then once we got back from camping, we had a new kitchen put in. But really i should say we had a kitchen put in full stop. Those that know our kitchen know we really didn't have one. The person that lived here before us was an old lady, and she obviously didn't cook. So that put us all back a lot, specially as the kitchen contents where moved to the lounge! The new kitchen is beautiful, and as soon as i figure out what is wrong with my camera i will get pictures up.

So we are slowly getting back into normality. Getting the kids back into gear doing some 'work', and getting me in gear preparing their work! (and ironing lol)

We did bring this little lady back with us from Devon to join the family. She is a yorkshire terrier. Just is just over 3 months now and the sweetest little puppy. The kids adore her. Her common name is 'kitty', but her posh name is kitty nerissa which has part of her kennel club name in it. So expect to see her in most the photos from now on. :)


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