Saturday, December 06, 2008

'bless you my child for you are now holey'

I have been meaning to post for ages, but for the past week i have been filled with flu, and that on top of trying to care for children has not given me the best motivation.
So i will 'try' to go through all the little things that have been happening that i wish to blog. (not in any particular order)

Vivienne had a good birthday, she got LOTS of lush..LOTS. Including the humago!!! She also got some Wii games and a few other bits and pieces.

The next installment of contacts arrived. I am totally addicted, the way i see it is i HAVE to wear them, so i might as well make it a nice experience being blind as a bat. I am due another 3 pairs, hopefully arriving this month. The pairs i got this time were -
G&G BT02 green. These are exactly the same as my last but green. They are weird, i wouldn't say realistic (actually none of these 3 are lol) They kinda give a emerald glowing smoky black colour in real life, very strange, and very nice. Just as comfortable as my browns. (lol excuse the wash out look, i had flu and no make up!! )

Geo Ash Wing. These are beautiful, but in the right setting. They are great photographic lens, as long as it's not a close up photo (so i might have to get Ryan to take some from further away than my arm!!) Or for night light (as in parrrty, cause i go to so many!!!)

And last but not least Geo Nudy Blue. Totally beautiful, totally freaky, i love them, so had to Cam whore these babies!!! These give a weird pretty 'halo' effect as you move your eyes about. It's where the whites of your eyes shine through the coloured part..very sparkley

Last pic to show off the funky halo effect..

I have some Violets, and some super duper best of the best natural green and blue ordered. Of course i shall share pics when they arrive. The super duper natural ones, which i am sooo very excited about are an xmas gift, so you might have to wait for their pics, Ryan says i can not wear them till xmas lol.

As most of you might have noticed, there is a new addition to my face!! I got my monroe pierced. Yanno it didn't hurt at all. Which is weird, you expect a big ass needle through the face followed by metal should hurt, you panic you brace yourself...then you feel stupid cause their is nothing!!
It's two weeks old now and still in the healing process. The piercer put a smaller bar in a week ago (they pierce it with a much longer one to cope with the swelling) and that didn't even hurt. I am dead pleased with it, and love it to bits.

As far as non school work goes, the kids have been pretty lucky with an ill mummy, lots of pj days and television... Back to work me thinks.


At 1:55 am, Blogger VI3TDOLLY said...

omgush i must say, those circle lenses are beautiful on you! & im honestly jealous and wish i had that many! : ) i only have the Geo Angel Blue at the moment, but the blue appears to be too dark and you cant really see them in normal lighting, and i would have to be somewhere with a sunlight or take a photo with the flash on to see the blue clearly. So i was planning to order the Geo Ashwing next and i was doing research about them and i happend to come by your blogspot. Since you have bought them already, i just want to ask you on your opinions and the comfort level of them and can you really see it in normal lighting or it appears dark. Because i want to get a lens that you can really see and see the difference ^^ thank you ! & hope you reply soon! =)


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