Friday, October 03, 2008

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I was looking forward to autumn, don't get me wrong i loved summer in our new home, but i was looking forward to wrapping up toasty under a nice crochet blanket, hugging tight, soft evening light and hot chocolate. (the latter for the children as i am caffeine and dairy free these days)
Every year i forget how i feel as the nights draw in and the sunshine goes. I forget to ready myself for this sudden inability i get to function right now and find myself bogged under wanting to curl up in my little bubble and not face the world. So I'm feeling alittle foggy right now, but do not want to go down the antidepressant route this winter, so friends you will have to bare with me while i kick myself up the arse.
Kicking myself up the arse starts bright and early tomorrow as we walk through the town with the boys brigade then follow on with a day at the amusement park playing on the roller coasters. Hopefully there will be a nice big dose of sunshine out for me.

I had a most annoying visit to my Dr a couple of weeks back (which i think kick started my seasonal depression this year) She made me so very very angry and i shall be requesting another Dr to see to my children from now on. Spud needed his 4 1/2 year check up which was all going lovely, till she asked me what school i was sending him to. Que lots of funny looks, patronizing smirks and "is that really allowed" questions. She let it lay while she finished the check up, only to sit down at the end.. stare at me for a few moments before asking questions like "do you realllly think thats the best thing for your children?" and "don't you think your children will be disadvantaged?" to say i was alittle annoyed by her manor and treatment is putting it lightly, i was fuming.
But we just brush those uneducated idiots aside and enjoy our life right home non schoolers?
At least we have a great home education group in Southend, and a trip to their Friday group (with lots of scrummy healthy food) reaffirmed why i put up with idiots like my Dr and live this lifestyle.

On a plus note I'm down to 91/2 stone. I don't really think i look that much smaller yet. I feel it, and my clothes are looser, but i think i have further to go.

(picture from World of Warcraft game... yes i am a warcraft nerd!!)


At 10:14 am, Blogger Annette said...

I have worked for doctors (looking after their kids)- they work long hours employing people like me to be their nanny. The children in my experience can often be a little unruley because they crave the attention from their workaholic parents. They often end up putting their children in private school education, so do not even have to consider sending their them to our over run mainstream schools in the first place. To top it off, private school parents are often there just because they need to show off their money (I do know, as i tried my daughter in private ed just to take her back out a half term later for that exact reason!)and don't often really care about the quality of care/education their child is actually getting, asuming that splashing the money will clearly get them the best! I will say that most university teachers are interested in admitting home educated children as they consider the majority of them to have had the better education!
As happy as Jade is now in her very good village school, if i had my time again i would have kept her at home and may still do so for her high school years for the simple reason that i don't want her to get lost in the crowd and have her education suffer for it.
I yern to turn back the clock and live a more simplistic lifestyle where my family are truely the focus of my attentions- rather than money and falling economies!
I don't need to tell you you're doing the right thing, you know you are!
p.s I understand the s.a.d thing more than you would think!- talk to me if you need to xxx

At 1:51 pm, Blogger Elizabeth said...

I was going to post a comment here the day you posted and it slipped my mind.

Stupid doctors. I'd pit your "disadvantaged" homeschooler against a public schooled child any day. If it's any consolation, we get that here in the States too. My kids' doctor is not against homeschooling, but many, MANY are. Lots of people are very much against it too. In my state, you can only homeschool as long as the State has a thumb in what your doing...checking their progress, submitting sample work, etc, but it's not like that everywhere. Anyway, I'm rambling now. I don't know how health care works over there, but can you switch doctors? Stick with the stuff, Nat!

That's great about AWRPG ... muahahaha. I would LOVE to come back and be your HP, but you know I don't EVEN have the time anymore. Can you imagine the mischief we could get into?

At 2:03 pm, Blogger Elizabeth said...

hey, all I have to chat with anymore is Skype, if you want to chat sometime. Skype name is elizabeth.bondurant in case you don't have it anymore.


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