Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Little Ballet Stars

The girls did a show for the mummies and daddies at ballet today. They both done great, no waving from Outtake, and no shyness from Strawberrypuff. They was dancing to old Macdonald here, about to break into moos. It looks like Viv and her 'mini me'!!

Outtake has been trying super duper hard, and wants to do her first exam in Ballet after the summer holiday, and begin modern, jazz and tap. Her posture and balance is fantastic these days (even the Wiifit says so!! lol)

Strawberrypuff can tend to be shy and over whelmed by lots of people, so i was very surprised when she carried on as if no one was there and showed her true personality infront of all. She enjoyed every moment as much as Outtake, and wanted to be part of everything. Most of her pictures came out fuzzy! During her piece, they were to be waking butterflies, slowly stretching their wings, but today she was adamant that her wings where ready to go, and she adored it when the audience laughed.

Spud sat with me and watched, i have asked if he wants to dance too ( there is another boy and this teacher taught Lee mead ) but he is sure he does not!!

On the body shaping front, i spent the whole weekend stuffing my cake hole (why do we always eat when we meet up with family) and put on 4 lb ! But hay ho i'll be shaping up next week.


At 10:25 am, Blogger Annette said...

Why is it that it only takes two days to put on 4lbs and a week or more to get it back off!!
-Girls look like little ballet stars!
Will call sometime next week. x

At 4:38 pm, Blogger Nicki said...

So cute, especially the first one!

Millie is doing her grade one exam after the summer and i am dreading it, lol.


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