Thursday, October 30, 2008

Things are plodding along nicely here on the homeschool front. We started off today with some pajama work! (the sun was actually shining at his point) Vivienne did some Singapore maths, some sentence and noun work and a bit of Singapore science.

Teyla did her first drawing. She enjoys doing whatever the older ones are doing so she loved this, she didn't even chew the pencils.

Ryan and Ley have done so many 'M' and '3' work sheets and colouring pages. We have them blue tacked all over the house, and it's starting to look like some weird wall paper. But they love doing them so I have to have lots ready for them.

Once work was done The rain started to fall (actually Hail!) so Vivienne relaxed with Hello Kitty on line. She has been accepted for the closed beta and she is really enjoying it. She loves rpg's and this one she has no problems with, nice and easy. It's a bit more indepth than club penguin too, which though she loves she can get bored with.

Teyla sits and eats all our meals with us now. As i said she loves to be doing whatever the elder ones are doing so she loves dinner times. Makes lots of mess for me sadly.

We finished off with her 'arms in the air' game, which she can say clearly and makes us all do over and over after each dinner. No escaping a bath after sweet and sour chicken with noodles!!

Me and Vivienne did a bit of reading once the rest were in bed. We are enjoying 'The story of the world' books and work.

Now they are all in bed i'm going to settle down with some stitching, i have a little girl whos going to be 9 next month!!!!!!!!!!!!


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