Saturday, December 13, 2008

i'm lovin' it

First things first
Alexandra Burke
So pleased this girl won, she is such a Diva. She should be big!! Lets just hope she can write her own stuff too. ( to the non british, this is from saturday night tv!! )

Ok, i have so many fads, and so many interests, i go through so much stuff, and in the process find quite a few goodies. So saturday is going to be set aside for what i'm loving. And this week it's Bourjois 1 seconde nail polish. The brush is fantastic you can paint the nails in one stroke even with your wrong hand doing the painting. And it dries in 1 minute. I have shade 18 which is pretty much clear with the best holographic colour in a nail polish i have found. Great worn alone or over others.

Here i have it over Bourjois so Lague beige glamour 05. Like all polishes tho, for us scrubbing home ladies you do need to put on a top coat now and then to make it last..but it's so quick to apply you might as well just put on another coat .

Oh and, trees up, i'll get some pics soon xx


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