Monday, June 22, 2009

Last night as i climbed into bed i thought 'wow, things are going so well. Everything is perfect'


Ryan's work Van was broken into last night (within about 5 minutes while he popped into a garage and got a sandwich!!) They took his Keys (both our house and our car) and his Sat Nav (which is an idiot prof map to our house, of which they have the keys!!)


So now we have had to have the locks changed for the front door and the back. And we can't get into our car! Our insurance company have taken it off to sort it out luckily.

As you can imagine Ryan was not a happy bunny! Specially as he never takes his keys out of his pocket, but last night for some reason they where irritating his leg! Like fate was waiting to slap us on the face!

Lets just hope everything is peaceful to go camping Sunday!


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