Friday, October 23, 2009

I am a very happy mummy right now. To many people this might not mean much, but to me it does.
We have an average (small) size 1940's semi detached 3 bed. In that we try to fit 2 adults, 4 children, one ikkle dog and all our stuff. We have alot of stuff. In fact we are packed solid with stuff. One day I dream of having a craft room, or a craft shop like The Vintage Magpie has managed to find. ( i thought i had one in mind, more on that another day). But alas, we have no room, even if we took away all our stuff, there would still be no room for me to craft in. I have to make do.
At the beginning of the week my wonderful hubby drove us all to Ikea, the kids played, we shopped.

We brought home a new table, which fits very snug in the corner of our multi purpose (even more so now) dinning room. Our little dinning room is also, a school room, a play room, a computer room, and now also a craft room. It is stacked and packed full. But it works for us.
So now i have my craft room, kinda. And i am VERY pleased. MY sewing machine is on top, my overlocker underneath.
No more will i have to clear the sofa for people to sit down, no more will i have to tidy the dinning table so people can eat, no more will i have to keep putting away my craft just to get it out again an hour later. This is my little area always waiting for me to pick up my work.

So my stuff has been moved from around the house, to my 'craft room', and is getting finished.

This little girl is off to germany for the birthday of a friends little girl. Very sweet doll, so close to keeping her all to myself!
Once i finished her, i found out some toddler dolls from around the house. The two on the left are the first two i made, and the two on the right are the last two i have made. Practice does make perfect. (yes my second one is 'still' a WIP !!!)

This is a little sneaky peaky of whats going on in my 'craft room' now.

We had another break from ~not~ school work while hubby was home from work. But sadly he had to go back. So ~not~ school work is up and running now. Ryan is getting to grips with his work now it would seem. He is picking up phonics and quite possibly everything is now clicking into place with writing. I have been very proud with how much he has been trying.

Crumbs time is just slipping away.... Doesn't help that I am super duper lazy either...


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