Friday, March 21, 2014

under the sink

The girls room is looking so so much better. We have come up with a plan to deal with all those dreaded soft toys, and i want to get that completed before i show. So far i am super proud.
During the moments when there is nothing i can do on a large scale i have been tackling the smaller spaces. I am purging and sorting, and then afterwards thinking up ideas and finding the correct storage boxes for the spaces. One of the places i have purged and organized is under the sink. Now i know at least half of us have an area there so confused we try our hardest not to open it if we have company.
I have been collecting newspapers for in the budgie cage and for cleaning windows, but i think perhaps i have collected a few too many!!

As for candles. We used to have wall mounted candle holders in our past three houses, so we used to go through a lot. This house we haven't put them up, so i am only really going through the tea lights. I like candles, so my logic says if it's useful AND i like it, i keep it. So i will be on a hunt for some nice candle holders for tall candles.

Not too bad, i think. Need a couple more of the correct size storage boxes for under here and then i will be happy. The box next to the candles is for light bulbs, when energy saving light bulbs first arrived we was told they would last for years and years, haven't seen it yet.

The poor yellow plastic of my labelling machine normally sees no love, but as most cleaning products you can buy are yellow and green it fits perfectly in here.


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