Saturday, December 31, 2005

One in One out

Well many things have happened in the last year
  • Granma passed away
  • Leyonce was born
  • Ryan had his first birthday
  • My totally fabulous Dad did the london marathon in memory of grandad who died last year
  • we moved house to somewere with abit more stability
  • we took Vivienne out of school
  • Vivienne became 6!!!!!

It's strange the last two years i have had a big heavy bump this time of year, must be why i am missing my baby bump!!

I don't normally do new years resolutions, but this year i really feel i must, there is alot of myself that i really don't like at the moment, it is making me unhappy.

  • Get a clue!!! lol
  • Sort out my umm, i would say personal hygiene, but that makes me sound dirty lol, make more of an effort, putting in my contact lenses each day like i used to, put hair up nice, wear make-up.......
  • do stuff when i think of them, not 'later'
  • organise my day
  • organise myself
  • go to bed earlier
  • get up earlier
  • do everything i say i will
  • sort out my dollies, so i sell more through my bussiness
  • contact friends and family more regular
  • have christmas and birthdays sorted out the begining of year!!!
  • love my husband even more!!
  • cook more yummy stuff
  • cook more yummy stuff with the kids
  • do more gardening
  • finish any courses i have began
  • clean up after myself, and at end of day
  • have my house at an acceptable level of tidiness to invite people in 24/7
  • ummm stop smoking!!!!!!

Think i'm done lol, i got my work cut out! I will review quarterly!! :)

Hope everybody has a good night, and hope next year is good for you.



At 10:59 am, Blogger naturallynice said...

Happy New year dear!!

At 3:44 pm, Blogger Em said...

Happy New Year!

Just spotted your braids :) not much time for reading other peoples blogs at the moment, its as good as it gets just blogging at all! Love that pic of Viv in the shopping crate too!!

At 4:49 pm, Blogger dawniy said...

Mummynat lovey you can't do all those resolutions at the one go !! The contact wearing / make-up effort I fully sympathize with , how is it that we all put everybody else first and end up at the bottom of the heap of priorities ourselves.... I think we all do that one too much. Your list so sounds like mine if I could be organised enough to write one lol. If you have a go at the not smoking lots of well wishes. I stopped smoking at muddle puddle camp last june , I nearly killed Stef and i put lots of weight on , but I've done it !! Go for it :)
Happy New year Dawniy xx

At 5:19 pm, Blogger mummynat said...

lol, i don't smoke, buh i wanted an easy one ;)


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