Monday, November 23, 2009

Vivienne Holly

My little teeny tiny baby went and turned 10 yesterday.

Even she was alittle thrown back by all those candles.

She hadn't asked for anything except a doll based on Amelia Jane in the Enid Blyton books. So of course she got that. Other than that it was alot of animal crossing and mysims stuff.
She was not looking forward to the birthday, i don't know if it's a home school child thing, but none of my kids want to grow up, they are all very aware that being a child is a good deal.
I love babies and toddlers, but i am finding i am also very much enjoying her age right now. It's alittle lazy (specially with work!!) but we are such good friends right now. I don't want my baby to grow up, but at the same time, i am looking forward to her future.

I did mean to blog much sooner, but we all took turns to get swine flu here! Knocked me back alittle because it effected my asthma. I have not had a problem with asthma for at least five years, haven't had a working inhaler in the house for years. So i had to get the doctors (who we wasn't allowed near) to get one out to me and through my letter box !! But all is good now, and i am not taking my inhaler as much.

Can not believe it's so so close to Christmas seems like only five minutes it was Christmas. I feel totally skint this year, so am not going to be over doing it. I should have quite a few crafts to show off.

My friend Natalie who moved to Australia at the beginning of the year is already back. She was loving it over there and all ready to settle down, but her husband was unhappy. So it wasn't going to work. So home they are and i got to spend Sunday with her, and we have lots of plans to make sure we spend time together. In the last few years we have slacked spending time together, but having her half way across the world has made me realize how much i miss her.


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