Monday, March 31, 2014

Busy busy

Aren't these fab? Found them in poundland (guess how much they were!) They are like a small laundry basket and perfect for around the house. My medicine area in the kitchen was misbehaving, and it was showing. As i am quite short and i house it all on a top shelf i had to hoist myself up on the counter if i wanted a proper look at what was up there, and there was lots up there! So I purged and sorted and popped it all in these baskets. No climbing to get a paracetamol, i can reach these, and pull down the one i want with no trouble. Plastering the children's scraps has never been easier!

I even further arranged under my sink with them. They are in both sides and everything is in groups so i can pull out what i need. Also if i have more than i can fit in these baskets, i know i have too much stuff.

I am looking forward to having a weekends rest. Last weekend involved lots of toing and froing, and a charity walk along Southend pier. We do this every year, the kids enjoy it and they all get a medal which they love.
This weekend has been even worse. With visits to Mum's, yoga class, hubby doing a training course and a trip to a friends stud dog. It's time again for puppies (woohoo, my favourite time of year) Both momiji the maltese and Kitty the yorkie are ready. I am going to burst with gooey glitter hearts every time i see both their puppies playing together.
Momiji's last litter had two girls. This was moomin who went to live in London with a yoga instructor.

Kitty, though tiny, tends to have very good sized litters. Her first litter had five pups and last years litter had six! She is a super fantastic mummy and i am so proud of her.

From the last litter we kept Patch, and re named her Khali. She is over a year old now. Time goes so fast. It really is beautiful to have a dog you helped into the world and saw grow from a teeny tiny thing. She is a complete nut case, and bestest friends with our biewer yorkshire terrier Aya.


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