Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I had so much planned for these few days, Vivienne has 5 days away with family, and i have had sinus pain, which has brought on the most monster of migraines, which is traveling down my face. I wanted to do loads of housework and throwing away of gunk while she is gone..i do have 2 more days so hopefully it will clear some.
Ley is crawling....on her back???! she kinda slithers sideways, and rotates about. So no proper crawling, just scooting around on her back, and crawling backwards!! But she sooooooo wants to walk, she loves to be standing, specially with shoes or boots on.

January HE target list

  • get to lesson 40 of '100 lessons'
  • get her days out book up to date with rainbows party, xmas and birthdays
  • finish wizard maths, mental maths and dinosaur maths
  • do 20 more chapters of 'the enchanted wood'
  • Paint our flower pot, and plant seeds (do blog update photos)
  • set up our grass hair head (do blog update photos)
  • do more plant projects (wizard science, lapwook, main scrap/work book and experiments)
  • what plants need to live projects
  • do Viviennes lap book on cats (her request)
  • finsh off last years work with a Vivienne lap book and work on what a body needs to live
  • write pen pail letter
  • begin prep for dinosaur history


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