Friday, November 27, 2009

Be well

Anybody would think I had just had a birthday with how great things are going. On Tuesday my mum and dad took me and Vivienne off for a surprise in London. They took us to her majesties theater to see Phantom of the opera. I have wanted to see this since i was 9, and now that Vivienne has taken a liking to it, we got to go. Brought quite a tear to my eye watching it, i welled up a few times. It was as wonderful as i always thought it would be, and i have been on cloud nine since. I can't wait to go again.

And then today....

Something arrived in the post for me...

I have wanted a pullip for quite some time now. I'm not really a blythe girl. I mean i have a unexplainable want for one, but i find them kinda creepy. But pullips, dalls, ball jointed dolls, i love. Her name is Kaela, and she is beautiful. She is quite tall, not small by any means. I am looking forward to crafting her some clothes (except the rolled hems, cause rolled hems on dolls clothes make my head explode)

I used to have a film extra key to OZ from the disney film 'Return to OZ' when i was a little girl. (knew someone who worked for disney at the time) And though myself and the girls love the film, it's one of those things you always claim you will get framed with a picture of the film, but really you never do, you leave it packed up safe where no one can see it. So i sold it to a film collector, which paid for my little doll, plus a bit extra for Xmas.



Man i hate that word. I have done nothing!!!! Shame on me!! It just don't feel like it's time yet. Hopefully i will have something sorted by then!


At 5:34 pm, Blogger Elizabeth said...

I looked high and low for your email address and couldn't find it anywhere. Oh well. The c-section thing, from what I can tell, depends on who you talk to. The majority of doctors will recommend no more than 4. I have had 3 different doctors and 2 of them say no more than 4. One of the doctors told me that I could have as many as I wanted to, as long as I felt up to having them. I have had 4 sections and I can certainly tell that there is some scar tissue. I think I could probably have 1 or 2 more c-sections before I have a very bad recovery. Even with the 4th c-section I had, I had more difficult time recovery.

I personally agree with the mindset of "have as many as you feel up to having." It doesn't make sense to say, every woman in the world can be healthy with 4 sections. We're all made different. Some ladies could only have 2 and be healthy and I've heard of some ladies having even 7 c-sections! Hope this helps. Feel free to email anytime: elizabeth.bondurant(at)gmail(dot)com
Have a great Christmas!!


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