Friday, February 12, 2010

Have to post

Time, time, who has the time????

I have to post, I need to post! I have many things i want to post about, many things i am working on, but none finished and ready for posting. Dolls clothes, new dolls, birthday presents, valentines gifts, poppets, swaps and crochet, I have so much on the go. So i shall leave my crafting posts till... well i can :)

Today my sweet little puppy went for her first haircut. I am a silly doggy mummy, and was very nervous leaving her. But she was great, and i think enjoyed herself lol. AND she looks beautiful.

She did most defiantly look beautiful before. But as it is my job to keep her clean, i was well aware that the long coat had to come off. It was changing from baby hair to adult hair, which give whats called 'the fuffys'. Basically it was matting at the change point. Also now when she was a drink of water she no longer drips it all over my kitchen, which is good.

Now on to another love of mine. Gaming. A few peeps reading this know about my love of gaming, and rpg's. Well I HAVE to mention 'Mabinogi'. Man, i have been waiting to play this for at least 3 years. It has been unavalible in europe for ages, but at last they have the licence, and i can play :)

We are enjoying it alot :) As far as an RPG goes, it's got what you need plus extra, and i love the look of it :)


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