Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Busy busy busy stop, well kinda.

I was sooo busy over December with xmas gifts. I wanted to post, but all i was really doing was crafting, and i couldn't post any pictures incase they were seen.
So here is a post to show off some of my xmas gifts now i can.

A floppety bunny for my oldest friend, Natalie. She was made out of rowan kid classic. I brushed up the ears and tail to make them fluffy. I might try making another and brushing the whole thing.

A Poppet again for Natalie. I glittered the eyes, and her hair is made out of 100% Egyptian cotton. I love this hair, and have quite abit of the cotton left, so will prolly use it more.

A couple of crochet bags. I love these they are like a tardis inside.

These gal poppets were made for my twin neices Lucy and Sophie. I had fun matching the colours. I did bigger eyes than normal, and i like this size, so will be doing more this big.

And lastly a very large floppety bunny for my mum-in-law.
I have so much planned to craft this year, so i'm not really stopping. But at least it should be alittle more relaxed than December.

The kids have throughly enjoyed Christmas. They got far too much, Viv even got a mobile phone!! I didn't go so huge on the Xmas dinner this year, and mum did alot of it. But it was still good.

Snow was a nice bonus too :)


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