Friday, October 29, 2010

Dolly update no.1

If you are not a fan of dollies at all, i suggest you take no notice of my next few posts (except if you appreciate small clothes, then you might catch a couple)

My dolly collection is slowly growing. My dolly shelf was looking alittle messy here, and to be honest it's not much better. But today i will be talking about Ahava. You might remember her from back at Valentines. She is a Blythe fakie. I don't like Blythe too much if i am honest, but as a doll collector i felt a need to have one (bit like having a baby, you have no idea why, and you think better of it, but you just need one) So unable to spend out the big money that Blythe go for I bought a fakie from ebay.
First thing i did was pull her to bits *grin*

Then i sanded and carved her a new face. The lower picture is her next to my Vivienne's uncarved Blythe fakie.

I airbrushed her face, changed her eye chips, all to brown (i don't really get the want to change their eye colour, only their direction of view.) One of her forward facing sets has holographic stickers behind ( for when she gets a twinkle in her eye!) The others all have a gold shiny rim.
And then i put her on a pure neemo body. I love this body lots. The body parts slot on and off, which i actually like. For such a heavy head tho, the knees can be alittle weak when trying to stand alone. I was going to change her wig to some black curly mohair, but it didn't happen.

On making Ahava, i have discovered that i am still not a fan of Blythe type dolls, and her head currently sits on my shelf, i stole her body. First for Vivienne's fakie Blythe, and now to be donated to a manga doll for my collection. I feel real bad for not enjoying this doll much, she is quite sweet, but does not have the appeal of my other dolls. Perhaps I shall give her (well her head) a home with a friend, that way she might get loved.


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