Wednesday, October 27, 2010

not a craft update.

On my catch up, i really must mention a couple of things that have happened.

One is that my ikkle baby turned three. She grew into a child over night. I am so sad to see her growing so quick, but it has to happen. She is of the kids now, not baby Teyla. She fits in with all they do, dummies are gone, nappies are gone, cots gone, beakers are gone.... *sob*

The other is that i have gained another daughter. This is Lacey. Isn't she beautiful. She is a full breed Doberman.
When i was little my Nan and Grandad had a happy shopper corner shop, and one time someone came in with a knife for the till contents. It shook my Nan up, so someone suggest they got a guard dog for in the shop. They choose a Doberman. Sheba. It was when Sheba entered our family that we all found the most amazing dog there is. Sheba is gone now, but she is held on a high pedestal in everybodies memories in my family, even the extended family. Growing up with such an amazing dog of course made me as an adult want a Doberman, i was sure i could find one like Sheba. I looked on and off through the years, then this girl popped up, last in litter. Since having this girl i now KNOW the wonder we saw in Sheba was indeed the Doberman breed.
These dogs get such a bad name, put into the same group in most peoples mind as dog breed for fighting. This is not so though. Don't get me wrong this can be a very very frightening dog. You see, many years ago a Mr Doberman in Germany was trying to hold down a job in a bad neighbour hood as a debt collector. Fearing for himself he decided he needed a dog, but the breeds he had to choose from where not enough, and so his breeding system began. He needed a dog that looked scary, and noble, something you wouldn't pick a fight with in the first place. He needed something that looked athletic. He wanted something he could train well. He wanted something protective. He wanted something territorial. He also wanted a dog that would love him so completely and so dearly that it would throw it's self between him a danger if needed. And so came the Doberman.
This breed loves so completely and so dearly.

There is just a minor problem with her. Doberman are notorious for being the most amazing dog. Know as the person in a dogs body (you have to have known a dobbie to understand this) But they are also notoriously the most difficult puppies ever (you have to have owned one to understand this) Even the most enthusiastic Doberman owners say "f**king Doberman, never another" to their puppies. They are like mischievous toddlers in a dogs body.

She was an adorable little puppy though, for the short amount of time it lasted.
When i remember my Nan and Sheba, i remember them having the most amazing relationship. I remember my Nan talking to Sheba like a child. I thought is was beautiful. With each month with Lacey, i understand that relationship more and more. Lacey is becoming less and less like one of my baby dogs, and more like a daughter. It's very odd, and very amazing.


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