Sunday, October 24, 2010

Well we kind of got the decorating done. At least, i mean, we almost completed one room! We was stalled quite honestly by money. (digressing) When we tell people we home educate they go off on one about how we must be made of money, and how they HAVE to both go to work to afford to live. I disagree with both of these 'claims'. They need to both work to afford holidays and cars and stuff that they 'think' their children need, as we are far from made of money, we are infact skint, and give up a great deal to ensure our kids get all they 'need'. (back on track) So we want/need new carpets in every room. (except kitchen and bathroom cause they are done) We want to be decorating for the long term not just making do. We have been making do for far too many years now (another story) and it's time to settle. So we swaped round rooms with the girls. They had our room, and we had theirs. It's not that their's is small, it's just for 3 growing girls the larger room would be better. So we pulled apart the room we was in, trying to find homes for all our stuff, and throwing out our bed which was an ikea one, and quite honestly had seen better days. We painted the girls room pink of course! Then went shopping for a good carpet and underlay. Home £300 more skint and a (pink) carpet being laid. It's beautiful, and so very very worth it. BUT, i just don't know if i can bring myself to pay out another £300 for our bedroom carpet 2 months away from xmas. So we shifted the girls into the big pink room, and painted our room. Plonked a mattress on the floor (it has a very oriental feel lol) and are 'making do' again. Till either after xmas, or i can bring myself to spend £300 on the flooring for our room, specially made harder as i really wanted to carpet Ryan's room before xmas too. Of course now we have a beautiful room, i would like to get the girls some furniture that matches and fits perfectly. But that HAS to wait.
At least the girls have a beautiful room, and we have an almost beautiful room. Will try to get some photos once i recharge camera, but i can not guarantee it will still be tidy by then!!

Enough of my rambling.


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