Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tea or coffee?

I love tea and coffee. All different flavours. Caffeinated and decaffeinated. Leaf and loose. I like it so much i have a draw full, a shelf full and Williamson elephant tea caddies lined on my kitchen counter (on a tray, i'll get to my tray obsession one day). But i hate storing it. Bits of tea leak everywhere and coffee jars land up being lined up at the kettle.
So today i tackled the hidden tea draw. Some of the teas i managed to throw away, cause i knew i wouldn't drink them, the rest i stored in  Ferrero Rocher boxes, which are *about* tea bag sized.
I have been collecting these for a while, i use them to store craft items as well (also provides a good reason to eat them).
~the bags at the back are fruit flavoured not vintage! he he!~

I managed to use the yellow plastic label tape again, i guess it doesn't matter if it matches nothing in a draw. Once i had cleared all the tea up i had room for my flavoured beanies coffee, no more jars lined up at the kettle. Bonus.

Health wise, I guess I was on a good phase when i first started taken B12. I am taking it religiously, but to be honest things are not good at all. This weekend i didn't even have energy to speak, just sat looking at my husband while he spoke. All this waiting is turning me into a fruit loop, wait for doctors appointment, wait for blood test appointment, wait for results, wait for next option. I wish they would put together a list of all the things it could be, take a job lot of blood and test it for everything, instead of jumping from stepping stone to stepping stone.


At 3:43 pm, Blogger peapod said...

I'm loving all your storage ideas :) I really must get my own cupboards sorted! Hope that you feel better (or get the correct help) soon.
Pea :)

At 9:18 am, Anonymous Sarah said...

Wow! so tidy! I have to open one of my kitchen drawers sooo slooowly because if I don't everything falls out in a terrible avalanche!

We don't go there if we can help it.

Sorry to hear you've been feeling cruddy honey ...*hugs*... hope it all gets sorted soon and you're back to feeling good!


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