Thursday, July 10, 2014

More puppies

The puppies are growing so well, we are super proud of them and Kitty. They are playing and barking and weaning. We will register them with kennel club next week and that's when i will get hundreds of phone calls. They are keeping me super busy.

I managed to finish another project. A baby blanket for a pregnant friend. I tired a new technique for this one. Tunisian crochet entrelac. It was so very easy, and i am sure i will make lots of blankets with this. I found it amusing that while doing this project the 'simply crochet' magazine did a piece on tunisian crochet.

The tunisian hook is long like a knitting needle, which confuses alot of people. It's very rhythmic and relaxing to do. I used a basic reverse stitch for the edge so little fingers could not get caught through it.

On to a couple of other projects now. Something groovey for my fireplace and a xmas gift for a friend (who occasionally reads this blog so will have to wait to be shown). So many projects planned for this year. Last year was very craftless to be honest, but this year i want to craft lots of stuff, and i am trying to make sure i finish things before moving to another.


At 3:20 pm, Anonymous Sarah said...

beautiful blankie Nats ... and beautiful pups too! Every time I see your pups I want one! Can't afford though but love looking at them :)


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