Friday, May 23, 2014

Not long.....

At last i have a referral  for the hospital. Just have to wait for my appointment, which i have no doubt will take ages. But i am getting there. I am being listened to. My skin has flared up the worst ever this week. It's like i have burnt my face all over, it's so sore and in the morning i can barely open my eyes for the first hour from swelling. I have done nothing different, or used nothing new. Neither have i been near anything i have thought 'might' be a cause in past.

But in better news Momiji could whelp any day now and kitty from next friday. Super excited. I do worry Momiji only has one pup, which is not fun at all. Kitty on the other hands, i am worried for the complete opposite. She has the hugest belly.


At 10:40 am, Blogger Sarah Sellers said...

Oh my word! I'm surprised Kitty can move!

Really hope you get better soon Nats, must be truly horrible :( x


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