Thursday, September 11, 2014

Computer play time for children.

Many of us like to limit out children's play time with electronics to help expand their imaginations. But being truthful a lot of us use it during play time. And perhaps that is not a bad thing, computers and the technology branching off is a great part of our future, so having good motor skills with them is a must.

Our lastest find for computer free time (this is not so educational and indeed free time stuff) is an online game called Amazing world. It's aimed at younger children (but we all have a membership here except my husband, so that's ranging in age from 6 to 30 something). It's not really hard, more busy.

It's filled with lots of mini games, including fishing, and a character to dress. You have your own home where you can add furniture (even fish tanks for the fish you catch) which can be made bigger.

The children are enjoying it. Will be interesting to see if they keep updated with new content, because it is a cheaper game to be a member of than club penguin (though i agree has less things like reading).


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