Tuesday, September 09, 2014


Don't even know why i am here, or why i am showing you this image to be honest. But it inspired me. I am a big fan of social media, i spend a lot of my spare time with these things. Well today this image was shared on social media by a man.

I don't think this photo has the effect and message that the owner wanted it to.

I understand all parts of the photo are things that we are starting to discover are very good for the health and well being of humans. Breast feeding, yoga, green clean surroundings, and being one with the earth. But all together. WOW how strange a photo this looks to many of us. We call it over the top. It contains too much of a good thing. We get excited, we get disgusted. Hopefully it's just too ahead of the times for us. Cause it would be nice for earth to end up this way, instead of some of the other options floating about right now.


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