Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I = We

I have always been very aware of how much i type the words I, me, my (i even lower case my 'i'). I saw them as conceited, big headed and selfish. I thought it was good to encourage the human race to be more compassionate, gracious and courteous to each other, be the change you want to see and such. But part of the importance to change is that we as a race figure out what is good for the I, me, my. Because the results are the same as thinking about everybody. If we started doing what is good for I, me and my it would help everybody. Because issues that are bad for everybody actually damage us personally. Look at fossil fuels for example. If we started to listen to I, me and my, we would know these things damage us, and selfishly change them. These things are not just bad for the earth and everybody, but we can feel they are not good to us personally. If we started looking after I, me and my everyone else would be looked after as well.


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