Friday, September 19, 2014


Our lounge is pretty much how we want it except from a few finishing touches that i want to get just right. This week we accidentally happened upon some lighting. I love when you find the perfect items when you are not looking for them. We popped to ikea (haha the very idea of popping to ikea, we took a day trip) for my most favourite storage boxes.

The SORTERA. Isn't it beautiful. If these were a food i would live on them. They stack and still allow me to get inside them (and more importantly the family can still get in them while stacked so actually put things away) and quite wonderfully, they recently went down in price by £3.

While we were there browsing each department we came into lighting, and (sorry ikea) i was poo pooing them all. Claimed all the lamps look exactly like their bins (waste paper basket) without a bottom. And then, there is was. The most perfect lamp for my room. An old look, made out of modern ingredients, which is good while having children it stops me going all Gollum over it.

When we first (almost) completed our lounge my sister visited and said if she didn't know better she would say an old lady lived here. Now i took that as a complement, as that was totally the look i was going for, and besides who ever went in an old ladies house and didn't feel cosy.

Well this lamp, is something i could definitely see in an old ladies house.

It also has the fabulous quality of optical illusion. From the other side of the room it appears circular instead of oval.

As a bonus, i also found this amazing beaut of a (cake) light fitting. We needed something that didn't hang down too much as we use the blind on our window to project onto. Our projector is the other side of the room and with the light fitting dangling in the middle it could be in the way. We also needed something that would fit our (granny) look.

My mum says she remembers when these where everywhere. It's not up yet, hubby is not too happy with electrics, but i will show you when it's done.


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