Thursday, September 25, 2014

My bath room is very much a make do. It's fine and everything. It's been decorated. But it's not perfect. But perfect is not so important right now. It's actually a toilet room and a bathroom. I still haven't figured out if i love it or hate it. Since moving in i have thought of knocking through to make one big room. But as time goes on i am not so sure. I just wish i had a sink in the toilet room so hands don't have to go through two rooms to be washed! Maybe one day i will get a Japanese / Australian  toilet, which has a sink built in. Doesn't really go with the style of my home though.

But making do with decor doesn't mean i have to with organisation. So I relied on ikeas £3 spice racks (again) to get everything off my windowsill. Now everything looks like it has a place, and is easy to keep neat and under control.

I put the bottom shelf upside down. We have kept a hand towel on the radiator since we moved in, and i had had enough of it falling on the floor and looking messy. 

It's always good to find something that fits just where you want it and does the job you want perfectly. It may not look great to others, but on a day to day basis is really brings a new life to your home.


At 6:19 am, Blogger Sarah Sellers said...

Hi Nats,

All ok? Noticed you're no longer on facebook which was a surprise!!

Sarah x


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