Thursday, November 24, 2005

That is the question

To conceive or not to conceive, that is the question!!!!!
Right i am getting alittle broody AGAIN!! Now we know we will have another, but to have them close or not?

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

She's SIX

Lovely relaxing family day. Vivienne enjoyed it, almost every photo i took was fuzzy due to her jumping about all the time. All in all a great day.
Back to work tomorrow, as Vivienne reminded me before bed that she must do her maths and science!!
Very tired now off to relax, then sleeeeeeeeep.

(P.S no cats were harmed in the photographs of todays blogs!!!!)

Monday, November 21, 2005

Tomorrow, tomorrow

Viv is getting excited about her birthday tomorrow. We can not believe she is 6 tomorrow, that is.. like..grown up.
Just done some maths today, and majorettes, were she informed everybody they had to sing happy birthday to her!
Busy blowing up ballons now (we have this strange thing that we started on her 3rd birthday that the lounge has to be covered with ballons, completely, and the presents hidden under them!!)
RJ has found the day too tiring!

Friday, November 18, 2005


Yay we have our boiler fixed, and it's all nice and warm, we can rid ourselves of scarfs. To celebrate our new found warmth, Vivienne made some summer sandles, she sayes everybody will want a pair. I think she is right, they will be all the rage next year!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Love It

Everybody must soo go and listen to this, i have tears in my eyes, it's so funny

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Vivienne has gone to spend a couple of days with nanny and grandad, so i should hopefully be able to do a bit of creating this weekend for her birthday while she is gone. I have enjoyed having the babies all to myself today.

Friday, November 11, 2005

This is vivienne's repair job with blue tack, think it might have to walk to the bin in the night!
Not much done today, bit of easy peasy lemon squeesey (vivs words) maths, the reading lesson, and a whole page in a colouring book done. The last being quite a big thing for Vivienne as she has a VERY short attention span.
Gonna go and do a bit of dolly creating, as i havn't for sooo long.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

If i try to send another one of my children to school, please kick me.

The Lesson Of The Day

Yesterdays lesson was for me, a tough one too, one i have difficulty with. To love them for their faults!! My Kids are great kids, they are very loveing, and i can take them anywere, and they charm the crouds with their good behavour, and make me proud. But they all have a bad side, well kinda!!!
It all began when i wanted to take a photo of them, all they had to do was sit up quite straight with each other.. easy, so i thought. Out comes their bad side!!! Now Viviennes fault is that she is very very excitable with no attention span (and has to slouch all the time lol) RJ's fault is that anything you tell him to do he will not, and anything you tell him not to do he will.. And Ley well her fault is plainly that she is a baby!! lol So there we have it, a photo of a child getting excited over her dad blowing raspberries at the babies to make them smile, a toddler hating the world, cause you have asked him to sit, and of course he don't want to, and a baby who has no idea whats going on!! But hey you have to love them. Or i guess i could ebay them!!


Just a quicky, here is some of this weeks measuring, it's Vivienne and Ryan. We have Ley, Rj and I still to put up. Fractions was done and understood much easier than I expected, but Viv is good at maths

Monday, November 07, 2005

My buby's sitting

Ley is sitting now, and very stable indeed. Only thing is the next step is movement!! We are sorting out the lounge to move stuff out of her reach today.
This week we are going to learn the beginings of measurement (looking forward to this, we are going to use Viviennes hands as her first scale of measurement!!) and the beginings of fractions with wholes, halfs and quarters. Will prolly do a bit of time telling as well. A project on her five senses is planned too, she is already very good at this, and knows her five senses, but i want to add some fun to it with tasting and smelling and such.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

BANG (or Mannng for RJ)

Went to southend for the fire works (great place to go for fireworks, good display and free!!) The kids loved it, Ley loves the fireworks, she was reaching for them with her cute little mittened hands. Ryan was dumb struck, and vivienne was like any 5 year old would be! She hated fire works right up untill 3 years old, would scream and panic, is strange having two babies now that love them! After the Fireworks Ryan took Vivienne on a rollercoaster, her face was a picture, she looked terrified, but got off saying it was great.
Been looking through some old photos..i love this one of Ryan and I *sigh*

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Done some maths basics, learnt more than and less than symbols, our reading lesson, bit of computer work and a lap book project on bodies. We seem to do alot in one day, and nothing the next, but Viv learns well like that, things tend to sink in better if she has a bit of time to let it settle.
Our free view box has died, which is great and crap all in one, cbeebies is something i hate and love all at the same time. It is great for the younger two, if they get wingy.
Off to raid the sweeties, we have loads, my kids have only had one packet since halloween!!