Saturday, June 28, 2008

slow busy

Today my head bangs just slightly threatening to become a full blown migraine, so i plan to do nothing except sew up some trousers. I would have liked to go out today, my belly dancing troupe are dancing at a folk festival. But hubby is on a work day, so i do not have the transport.

The week has been alittle mad, we had the electrics all redone, which required all the floor boards up. Luckily it was the most beautiful hottest weather ever so the kids spent the whole time in the garden keeping out of the way. The house is just starting to get back to normal after the 'reshuffle'. At least now we can think serious about the decorating and me getting my own way!!

'Non' school is going well. We don't really stop for a summer holiday here, we work so relaxed that we take it through all times, all day , whenever the mood to work takes us. I have started doing little things with the other two now. They are good with colours, shapes and numbers. I plane to begin bringing a letter into each week now, going through the phonic, but (even though Spud would be due to start school september) i have no interest what so ever in bringing on of reading. I learnt with Outtake this will only come when they are ready. Strawberry puff is already showing interest in her phonics, and tells me the sound words begin with alot which amazes me.

Last week (has it really been that long since last posted??) We took the kids to the Zoo. Being able to take the kids out when other children are at school has to be one of the best things. Towards the end of the day it felt like we were all alone in the Zoo. Was as ideal trip as we have been recapping over animal classifications in science. Feeding the Giraffes was probably the most enjoyed part.

Poor baby Beady got left at mums. We are STILL having trouble getting the money from Direct line for our 8 seater car that was written off in a accident last November!! We do have a solicitor working on our case over damages though, which might help us out. We are having to cope with a normal sized car at the moment. Which is great to get Ryan to work, but it means we don't actually all fit, so can't go out as a family. It's hell.

Isn't this the most beautiful baby ever, even with food all over her!!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Mooncup Post

If there was one thing i could share with every women, it would be the mooncup.
I would buy each and every women one. Free them all...
I think governments should hand one out to each women. I would not live without mine...

Few of you have noticed my link on the side for mooncups. I erge you all to get one, to try one. If you give it a chance, you would not go back to old ways again. Forget the £19.99 they cost, these little things are worth their weight in gold.