Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween Everyone.

We had so much fun :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dolly update no.2

Today we meet little Lottie. Lottie is a Hajoo Berry which i have customised. She is jointed by an elastic that runs right through her body.I love this gal, so you will get quite a few photos. When she first arrived, she was quite a scary looking thing.

Even with her eyes in, she still freaked everybody out.

I started work on her 'face up' the day she arrived. Wanting it quite soft, i used chalk free pastels and water colour pencils and sealed with mr.super clear matt.

I had a blond wig for her, and even though i do love her in this wig, i will probably get her a new one, one that fits alitte more snug, most likely will be a Monique gold wig, as i like them lots.

She lost a set of eyelashes somehow a while back, so i gave her softer finer lashes. I must get round to making her some more clothes.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Dolly update no.1

If you are not a fan of dollies at all, i suggest you take no notice of my next few posts (except if you appreciate small clothes, then you might catch a couple)

My dolly collection is slowly growing. My dolly shelf was looking alittle messy here, and to be honest it's not much better. But today i will be talking about Ahava. You might remember her from back at Valentines. She is a Blythe fakie. I don't like Blythe too much if i am honest, but as a doll collector i felt a need to have one (bit like having a baby, you have no idea why, and you think better of it, but you just need one) So unable to spend out the big money that Blythe go for I bought a fakie from ebay.
First thing i did was pull her to bits *grin*

Then i sanded and carved her a new face. The lower picture is her next to my Vivienne's uncarved Blythe fakie.

I airbrushed her face, changed her eye chips, all to brown (i don't really get the want to change their eye colour, only their direction of view.) One of her forward facing sets has holographic stickers behind ( for when she gets a twinkle in her eye!) The others all have a gold shiny rim.
And then i put her on a pure neemo body. I love this body lots. The body parts slot on and off, which i actually like. For such a heavy head tho, the knees can be alittle weak when trying to stand alone. I was going to change her wig to some black curly mohair, but it didn't happen.

On making Ahava, i have discovered that i am still not a fan of Blythe type dolls, and her head currently sits on my shelf, i stole her body. First for Vivienne's fakie Blythe, and now to be donated to a manga doll for my collection. I feel real bad for not enjoying this doll much, she is quite sweet, but does not have the appeal of my other dolls. Perhaps I shall give her (well her head) a home with a friend, that way she might get loved.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

not a craft update.

On my catch up, i really must mention a couple of things that have happened.

One is that my ikkle baby turned three. She grew into a child over night. I am so sad to see her growing so quick, but it has to happen. She is of the kids now, not baby Teyla. She fits in with all they do, dummies are gone, nappies are gone, cots gone, beakers are gone.... *sob*

The other is that i have gained another daughter. This is Lacey. Isn't she beautiful. She is a full breed Doberman.
When i was little my Nan and Grandad had a happy shopper corner shop, and one time someone came in with a knife for the till contents. It shook my Nan up, so someone suggest they got a guard dog for in the shop. They choose a Doberman. Sheba. It was when Sheba entered our family that we all found the most amazing dog there is. Sheba is gone now, but she is held on a high pedestal in everybodies memories in my family, even the extended family. Growing up with such an amazing dog of course made me as an adult want a Doberman, i was sure i could find one like Sheba. I looked on and off through the years, then this girl popped up, last in litter. Since having this girl i now KNOW the wonder we saw in Sheba was indeed the Doberman breed.
These dogs get such a bad name, put into the same group in most peoples mind as dog breed for fighting. This is not so though. Don't get me wrong this can be a very very frightening dog. You see, many years ago a Mr Doberman in Germany was trying to hold down a job in a bad neighbour hood as a debt collector. Fearing for himself he decided he needed a dog, but the breeds he had to choose from where not enough, and so his breeding system began. He needed a dog that looked scary, and noble, something you wouldn't pick a fight with in the first place. He needed something that looked athletic. He wanted something he could train well. He wanted something protective. He wanted something territorial. He also wanted a dog that would love him so completely and so dearly that it would throw it's self between him a danger if needed. And so came the Doberman.
This breed loves so completely and so dearly.

There is just a minor problem with her. Doberman are notorious for being the most amazing dog. Know as the person in a dogs body (you have to have known a dobbie to understand this) But they are also notoriously the most difficult puppies ever (you have to have owned one to understand this) Even the most enthusiastic Doberman owners say "f**king Doberman, never another" to their puppies. They are like mischievous toddlers in a dogs body.

She was an adorable little puppy though, for the short amount of time it lasted.
When i remember my Nan and Sheba, i remember them having the most amazing relationship. I remember my Nan talking to Sheba like a child. I thought is was beautiful. With each month with Lacey, i understand that relationship more and more. Lacey is becoming less and less like one of my baby dogs, and more like a daughter. It's very odd, and very amazing.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Well we kind of got the decorating done. At least, i mean, we almost completed one room! We was stalled quite honestly by money. (digressing) When we tell people we home educate they go off on one about how we must be made of money, and how they HAVE to both go to work to afford to live. I disagree with both of these 'claims'. They need to both work to afford holidays and cars and stuff that they 'think' their children need, as we are far from made of money, we are infact skint, and give up a great deal to ensure our kids get all they 'need'. (back on track) So we want/need new carpets in every room. (except kitchen and bathroom cause they are done) We want to be decorating for the long term not just making do. We have been making do for far too many years now (another story) and it's time to settle. So we swaped round rooms with the girls. They had our room, and we had theirs. It's not that their's is small, it's just for 3 growing girls the larger room would be better. So we pulled apart the room we was in, trying to find homes for all our stuff, and throwing out our bed which was an ikea one, and quite honestly had seen better days. We painted the girls room pink of course! Then went shopping for a good carpet and underlay. Home £300 more skint and a (pink) carpet being laid. It's beautiful, and so very very worth it. BUT, i just don't know if i can bring myself to pay out another £300 for our bedroom carpet 2 months away from xmas. So we shifted the girls into the big pink room, and painted our room. Plonked a mattress on the floor (it has a very oriental feel lol) and are 'making do' again. Till either after xmas, or i can bring myself to spend £300 on the flooring for our room, specially made harder as i really wanted to carpet Ryan's room before xmas too. Of course now we have a beautiful room, i would like to get the girls some furniture that matches and fits perfectly. But that HAS to wait.
At least the girls have a beautiful room, and we have an almost beautiful room. Will try to get some photos once i recharge camera, but i can not guarantee it will still be tidy by then!!

Enough of my rambling.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

I feel bad. Seriously i do.
It's not that i don't want anything to do with the wades blog, and the blog community. Far from.
I have tried to figure out what it is that stops me from writing here, and have come to the conclusion that it is the perfectionist part of my personality that gets in the way. As i also tend to be quite a procrastinator this also gets in the way.
You see many times I have done something that i have wanted to blog. Mainly with my craft. But i have wanted that one last finishing touch completed before i show the blog world and write about it. The only problem being that the one last finishing touch or the best photos are procrastinated to the point that i have began something new before i get them done. Thereby giving myself something new that i also want to blog about, which requires 'finishing touches'.
I wish to catch up, but this may also take time, as hubby has a couple of weeks off now, and we want to decorate a couple of bedrooms, and maybe the lounge too.