Friday, February 29, 2008

Leyonce Rose

Happy 3rd Birthday Leyonce Rose

Saturday, February 16, 2008

appology, answered, together,

collaborate, adventure and extraordinary....

Words in my deepest despair I thought would never be read, words which are now not even pondered on. I am glad we didn't show Outtake our worries, and done this naturally. Her reading is so confident, and she always has her head in a book, she enjoys the stories and the learning so much. Don't get me wrong she needed guidance with her phonics, she is more skilled in sights than sounds. A year at school really did mess up the speed she learnt though, it removed any confidence she had in herself, and confused her on which way to go. We concentrated on phonics in a visual form as well as sounds, without this she was purely guessing at words even if she could read them cause of her lack of skills in decoding sounds. We loosely worked with a reading program which was invaluable for Outtake and her learning style. She is loving her new skill and taking in every bit of information around her, and enjoying reading over my shoulder!!

Hearts are all packed in boxes here, but i still got a beautiful present from my hubby for Valentines. Now i want one in all colours!!!
We are moving, just round the corner!! (sorry to all those that hoped i was moving near them lol) But more space, less money so all pluses. It needs a lot of work, which we are actually looking forward too. I can't wait to get my garden blog back up and running, see what grows up in my new garden. We get the keys on Monday, moving out of rent can be super quick, so should all be sorted in a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed it all goes well.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

New new new

Isn't it beautiful?
This is my new crochet hook, and it works like a dream. My stitches glide wonderfully. My new hook helped me finish off the baby. She is a gift for a friend.

This baby is real!! Sleep would be nice right now. We have been sorting out, boxing and free-cycling like mad people. Why? Cause we are moving, well hopefully if all goes to plan. More news on that during the week.
With so much to do packing I won't be able to do as much craft as i would like, probably only presents for StrawberryPuffs birthday at the end of the month, and to that note, heres a little sneaky peek of a finished toy.