Sunday, January 11, 2009

i'mmmm backkkk

I know i know you haven't seen me for ages... And i didn't even post a picture of the tree.. I'm sowwy. I have been taking it easy, perhaps alittle too easy tis true. I had a bit of surgery right before xmas, nothing too important, and nothing i feel like talking about here. But i am all good now, and just today started getting back to my yoga. Talking of yoga, i stayed 9 1/2 stone the whole way through christmas, and thats with no exercise and my hugeee christmas dinner i stupidiy still cooked!! This year i aim to work even harder at getting my figure back to what i call normal.
This saturday my 'what i am loving' really was not stuff that I would really pass on as great reviews to help you out. So i shall just let you know -
We got a new car.... yaaaayy we can all fit in our car together again!!! so many problems from the accident OVER a year ago. But things are getting sorted. Things are actually really looking on the up for us for a change. (i mean apart from the wonder of producing beautiful children like the last few years) Totally loving it.

I got my christmas pressy lenses. This are sooo totally beautiful. I also got a sapphire blue pair which i shall share at a later date. These are called mels (which means honey) they came all the way from brazil this time. All the lens i have colour my already dark brown eyes, but these babies do something i have never found before, they actually lighten my dark eyes. You don't have to be close up to see them. All my other lenses have been neglected since i got these. Oh yeah, and check out i had all that long long hair chopped away!!! Loveing lenses loving hair!!

And i shall leave you with that and go soak in a nice deep bath.
Night peeps.