Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Waaaadddes

Happiness is.......

.... Your first Brownies activity badge. Friend to animals.
They are working on their Seasons badge together now, and me and Outtake are working on a few ourselves, so watch this space, er sash for more happiness.

Dare I admit I am not a fan of Simpsons *gasp* I think it could be cause i was a teenager the first time they came out, with the album and the eat my shorts stuff, and we saw them as naff!! Biker grove was much better!! BUT I am loving this Simpsonize me.....
....Look, we have the whole family!

Spud and Strawberrypuffs drawing is coming on well. I love they way they both have totally different styles. Spud has even started giving his faces goaty beards!
This is Spuds....

And this is Strawberrypuffs...

For some reason all her faces have to have feet, i think it's to do with Mr. Men. Will have to get them working on bodies next.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

natural light?

She has been named Alice, cause Outtake says she has an Alice skirt like Alice in wonderland as she falls through the hole. I have tried to get good picture of her, but to no avail. Now don't get me wrong i love the colder days, snuggled under blankets as you finish them (!) cuddled to your babies, but i do yearn for alittle natural light. I would like to be able to see at mid day without all the lights on. So her hair looks slightly like a dark blob, but i assure you it's little buns like starwars Leah. As soon as i have a day with light, i will get a pic to prove it!!

Outtake has a sore throat at the moment, so has been spending her time relaxing with PJ days, as she wants to be fit and well for going back to Brownies on Thursday. She should be getting the 'friend to animals' badge and making bird feeders.
Bubs (still no solid nick name yet) has been alittle snuffly too this week. I'll go get her weighed up on Friday. She was born 7lb 7oz and was well above that before two weeks were up.

Before disappearing off with Outtake Alice helped me decide on my next Christmas gift. I am going to begin the gift that will take the longest, i think that wise. From the book 200 crochet blocks. I love this book, the colour combinations are beautiful. Lets hope i do the gift justice.

Friday, October 05, 2007

getting creative

Things are still very much in a state of relaxation here :)

Breast feeding lasted just over two weeks!!! All was going well, and Teyla was well over her birth weight. BUT I started to suspect I had thrush, cracks that where almost gone got worse and so on. Then on Firday i woke feeling like the whole side of one of my breasts was bruised! Spent the next 3 days shivering, sweating and sleeping in bed with mastitis. Now if Teyla was my first I would have grinned and bared it, but she is my forth, meaning I have 3 other little people running around needing mummy. So took the decision to end the breast feeding now. She got over 2 weeks of gold top mummy milk, but now it's time to get my family and house back to normal. Sorry Teyla! She is doing well, and still sleeping like a baby.

I don't know if I got to show you this, Strawberrypuffs bunny. Spud has a teddy i crocheted a while ago. It looks alot more loved now!!! These little creatures do look even better once loved tho.

Well this week it was time Outtake got one. And a mulberry monkey was chosen. Sadly you can't see how beautiful his colour is in the picture, it's a dark wine colour :)

Have been spending lots of time drinking large amounts of tea and crocheting like mad ( OMG christmas is JUST around the corner, i will never be ready ) Busy finishing this little lady. But every time i look round one of the little people have ran off with her. At least let me give her some legs kiddies!!