Wednesday, July 23, 2008

goodbye nasties, hello....headache!?!!

On Saturday my oldest friend, Natalie, went and got married! We grew up together, her being a couple of years younger. It is making me realise how time has passed to she her grown up and married. She sets off to live in Australia at Christmas too.

Strawberrypuff discovered she loooooves parties, and has asked to go to one everyday since. She danced from the moment we arrived till we left.

Spud took his time to get out on the dance floor. He has he's dads shyness.

It was lovely to get my babies all dressed up and looking nice.

All my face stuffing got me all the way upto 10 st 7lb !! But it's back down to 10 st. The 7lb has dropped off in 3 days!! All talk of shaping up got me looking at what i was eating and made me more and more unhappy with what i was passing as food! I always used to eat healthy, i love my greens, salad and fruit... so why was i making do with a KitKat? So a better way of living began monday, and i am bringing the family along too. I am too lazy to go it alone so am following the recipes and way of life from my Gillian Mckeith books.

Today was risotto rice on a bed of raw baby spinach and kale

I have given up milk many many times, i am well aware of the mucus the nasty horrid stuff produces and the rubbish it does to my body, but i love drinking it so much i thought i would miss it most. But it's barely had a thought in my mind compared to Caffeine !! My body is feeling the effects of caffeine and i didn't think i took in much (till i looked into it more due to the withdrawal) I have the mother of migraines, i feel like plucking my eyes out with a spoon. This is all from a couple of cups of tea or coffee a day. I edge you all to join me and be caffeine free, and feel the effects it obviously has on us!! I know that a little sip will get rid of the withdrawal, but i totally do not have a want to do that, the thought makes me feel sicker than i already do, i guess knowing just how bad it is is putting me off.

So despite the way i feel i shall not be giving up just yet... did i say i lost 7lb in 3 days??

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Little Ballet Stars

The girls did a show for the mummies and daddies at ballet today. They both done great, no waving from Outtake, and no shyness from Strawberrypuff. They was dancing to old Macdonald here, about to break into moos. It looks like Viv and her 'mini me'!!

Outtake has been trying super duper hard, and wants to do her first exam in Ballet after the summer holiday, and begin modern, jazz and tap. Her posture and balance is fantastic these days (even the Wiifit says so!! lol)

Strawberrypuff can tend to be shy and over whelmed by lots of people, so i was very surprised when she carried on as if no one was there and showed her true personality infront of all. She enjoyed every moment as much as Outtake, and wanted to be part of everything. Most of her pictures came out fuzzy! During her piece, they were to be waking butterflies, slowly stretching their wings, but today she was adamant that her wings where ready to go, and she adored it when the audience laughed.

Spud sat with me and watched, i have asked if he wants to dance too ( there is another boy and this teacher taught Lee mead ) but he is sure he does not!!

On the body shaping front, i spent the whole weekend stuffing my cake hole (why do we always eat when we meet up with family) and put on 4 lb ! But hay ho i'll be shaping up next week.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

loosing weight

Ok so i put on alot of weight with the last pregnancy. I didn't look too bad while pregnant, but i have noticed it since. Sooo, i trying to shape up. I think perhaps everybody i know is doing the same thing, so we can all lean on each other!!

I have taken a couple of photos of my size today so i can document the weight loss! As my hubby told me this t-shirt and joggy bottoms 'do nothing for me', but we get the drift. I have taken belly out pictures too..but i will only show them if i get toned up lol ( i have one of straight after i had Teyla to scare people out of having 4 children with )

I have not really started 'dieting' yet, but I have made my portions smaller and i'm exercising and toning. My sister and I have started belly dancing classes. We do 3 hours a week. 1 hour of cabaret and 2 of tribal, and we are enjoying it so very much, we are slowly getting outfits and DVDs. Even after a few classes we can both see the way it is changing our shape and curves.

Other than that i do ALOT of DVDs. I am sure i like collecting exercise vids lol.

I will give the info for a few favourite ones i use...

Barbara Currie's Yoga total body plan - LOVE this, like LOVE LOVE LOVE. This had my belly totally flat within a few weeks of giving birth to Ryan. I am now doing a 15 minute plan in the morning, and if i can not be bothered to do anything longer in evening another 15 minutes then.
This is not all spirit and meditation and fall to sleep yoga *blushes* this is body toning yoga, it's short and sweet. You can work all the way through this DVD or just do 15 minutes for the parts of the body you are bothered with.

Fatchancebellydance tribal basics Vol 1 - This is my tribal belly dance. IT is whats called 'drills' which quite basically meaning drilling the moves till you are fab at them. When you start it's a killer! Great exercise and i get to practice my dance.

Carmen Electra's aerobic striptease disc 2 - I have the whole set of these through to disc 5, they are fun, but not worth the money of buying separate (i bought for a deal in the set) EXCEPT disc 2 is an exercise routine not a strip one..and it is fabulous. Really good exercise. You can do lots, covering all areas of the body (and reallly work yourself) or you can do a good 30 minutes.

Lindsey Jackson's Pilates in pregnancy - i know it says pregnancy, but the early pregnancy stuff is great for after, and my gosh is quite a killer on the body if you ask me (specially if you really 'work' it) My only problem with this is it seems reallly long, like you are doing it forever, so i only do this one if i really like working for ages.

So thats it of exercise reviews for now...but i have so many, i think i will review more soon. It's helpful to have reviews of exercise DVDs. So many of us have to, or want to exercise at home, it's good to know what others think before we buy.

For record -
Arm 13 inch
Breast 39-40 inch
waist 35 inch
Hips 39 inch
Leg 21 inch

10 stone (not too bothered about this, it's the shape i want to define)

So more news on how it goes hopefully soon!