Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lazy day

I am so in love with these pups. One has already left us to go live down the road. I am very lucky, i get to make friends with the people they go to before they leave, so it's quite a pleasant experience. I am so so undecided on keeping one of the boys though. I do not normally keep boys, but he is gorgeous. I will have to really work hard if i do keep him to make it worth it though.

I have not been crafting for a while, but i will have to get working as i have a birthday and XMAS on it's way, and i won't be ready unless i do. Instead I have been baking, and really enjoying it. I am a bit of a perfectionist though, so the poor family have to eat the same cake or biscuit over and over again!

I have had some energy, so embraced my home. I really do love my home. I am a firm believer everything you do should make you smile, even if it is the tiniest thing. I do everything i can to make mundane happy. I love colour and pretty. I am slowly but surely making every bit of my home happy.

I noticed as i was washing my cleaning clothes, that i am totally getting my home where i want it. It make take years, and not seem logical to people who are happy to magnolia a wall and look finished.

Tomorrow is my birthday, i am 30 something. I kinda feel like i have spent a few years completely sleeping. This is the first birthday i really feel a shift, maybe even positive, for a while. Sounds a little depressing, but i promise it's not as bad as it sounds.