Sunday, August 25, 2013

My poor blog and other stories

Meet my beautiful new girl Aya. She is a biewer yorkshire terrier. They originated from yorkshire terriers at the end of the 1970's in Germany mostly. She is 15 weeks. We adore her and she is fitting in with the family lovely. I will do a dog post soon, i promise.

I have rediscovered Body shop recently and am currently having an affair with the place. I say rediscovered because as a teenager body shop was the place to go, but back then expensive. We used to spend our money on tiny travel bottles of everything. Then it was forgotten, new places like lush turned up and excited the senses. As i gained more money to try the products i forgot about little ol' body shop. But in my skin quest this lovely little shop has popped up again and the prices don't seem to have gone up since back then (unlike everywhere else).
I have the most difficult skin. Reactive to almost everything. I have gone through so much money with products and make up, both very expensive and cheap. Well yet again my skin reacted to something (either soap and glory face products or palmers coco butter face products or probably both). I went to town looking like a burns victim hoping to find something. I decided no more spending till i knew something would work. So i picked up testers galore. I happened to go into the body shop (our local lush closed down a year or two ago and the girls and myself still require to 'sniff stuff' while shopping). They were good enough to give me some big sized testers. I went through all the testers i picked up from my trip (not just the body shop) giving them all four days each. Progressively getting more sore and red. Until i got to body shop Vitamin e range and all calmed and healed. Needless to say i have been growing my body shop collection since. You would think that somebody who studied beauty therapy to managerial level would not have to deal with these problems.
As i have shared products with you before, I'll share a couple of my body shop favourites from time to time.
I came home with a huge (and i really mean huge) body shop haul the other day (my excuse was that it had been my birthday). In true body shop form there was 101 deals on (ok maybe not 101, but i am sure very close) and one of those deals was a kit containing products from their very new and shiny camomile make up remover range. £15 for the cleansing butter, kind eye make up remover and a muslin cloth. I love muslin cloths, so am very pleased they have started stocking these (i also bought an extra one).

I was very dubious about the eye make up remover, was not going to buy it, but i was paying the same amount for the kit as i would have for the other two products anyway. My eye lids from lashes to brows are the most reactive part of my skin. In fact i don't even have to put anything on them for a reaction. Every single eye make up remover i have tried (and i have tried lots) has stung and burnt almost as soon as put on. I've not been able to enjoy eye make up for a long time. On a piece of cotton wool this stuff glided over my eye feeling beautiful and silky, with not even a hint of discomfort, so for a product i wasn't even going to buy i was truly amazed. I can enjoy eye make up again, and i can assure you i will.

The cleansing butter was everything i had hoped it would be when i went to buy it. It's like an even better version of the lush baby face. Despite baby face making me a little red, it didn't hurt, so i used to use this until it was discontinued. I knew quite a few dry faced friends who did also. One of the great things about the body shop butter is unlike the lush baby face, it's in a pot so you don't turn everything into an oil slick while using it. You move it around your face, letting it melt away your make up, then use a wet muslin cloth to remove it along with the make up. It felt like it was doing good to my skin, not just rubbing make up away, and after removing with the cloth i didn't feel like i needed to grab the moisturiser quick and the only redness was the healthy glow from the cloth.